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English Lordship and Barony Titles For Sale

Manorial Counsel offer a unique, bespoke service providing legal rights to historic English titles.

Most Lordship Titles have existed for a 1,000 years.

Become a custodian of a piece of English history.

Many titles come with a list of previous lords.

History is stranger than fact, please feel free to read a sample of the Titles for Sale.

The largest selection of Lordship and Barony Titles for sale on the internet.

Search for the perfect title, don’t compromise.

Search online or get us to do the work.

Find a title with fascinating previous lords.

Find a title that you will be proud to use

English Lordship Titles originate from Roman times (before 383AD). Most date back to before the Norman Conquest (before 1066), so are almost 1,000 years old. Many of the titles we offer are listed in the Domesday Book (the largest survey of lords ever undertaken).  We include a translation of the entry if a lordship is listed.

For many of our titles we document the previous lords on a table against the Kings and Queens of England.

  • Each title for sale has confirmation from two UK registered solicitors.
  • A third UK registered solicitor writes a letter confirming the client has purchased a legal right to the Lordship Title.
  • A legal public notice is placed in the London Gazette by one of our solicitors.
  • The legal authorities we use have been provided by a senior London barrister.
  • All titles we have for sale have had our ownership published on the internet for over 18 months, but most for several years.

An historic Lordship Title acquired from us today, can still be in use by your descendants 1,000 years from now.