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2.1  The research of manorial lordship titles has ascertained the following as far as it is reasonably possible:

2.1.1  The history of the original lordship title (the rights created when the physical land was given its own legal identity) as far as it can be reasonably ascertained.

2.1.2  The last known owner of the original lordship title and whether there were any descendants who have used the title as far as can be reasonably ascertained.

2.1.3  Whether there are any existing title or lordship derived documents to the original lordship title since 1189.

2.1.4  Where there are no documents in existence, the likelihood of title documents to the original lordship title having survived and them being correctly executed.

2.1.5  Whether there are any third parties who are currently using and enjoying the original lordship title whether legally or otherwise at the time of research.

2.2  Manorial Counsel Limited shall provide a documented history in a table (mapped against the monarchs of England) which is included in the title deeds (only where sufficient history can be identified).

2.3  Manorial Counsel Limited shall provide a documented breakdown of the facts contained in the Little and Larger Domesday Books which will be included in the title deeds (only where the information is readily available).

2.4  Manorial Counsel Limited will ensure that the customer will be the only person to receive a Lordship Title provided by Manorial Counsel Limited.


3.       PRICING

Lordship and Barony Titles are priced according to their desirability, prestige, and the work involved.  The pricing is at the discretion of Manorial Counsel Limited.  Manorial Counsel Limited offer a unique product and therefore no comparison can be made with any other product to influence its pricing.



Customers will apply to purchase a Lordship or Barony Title.  On receipt of their application Manorial Counsel Limited will prepare a contract of sale.  Upon receipt of the contract the customer may take whatever legal advice they deem appropriate.  To proceed with the purchase the customer must sign, and date the contract (both parties for joint names) and send/email the contract to Manorial Counsel Limited at their registered offices with the payment and their identification.



A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the purchase price of the Lordship or Barony Title is required at the time of reservation.  The reservation fee is non-refundable however it may be transferred to reserve another title of equal or less value, this is at our discretion.  If the revised title is less than the reserved title the amount paid will stand as the deposit for the new title.  If the revised title is more than the reserved title then the customer will need to increase the deposit to 20% of the price of the revised title.  Manorial Counsel Limited reserves the right to vary these conditions for individual circumstances.  A reservation will last for one month unless extended by Manorial Counsel Limited and will be lost if agreement is not reached.  Extensions will be at the discretion of Manorial Counsel Limited only.



This is a FREE service, however we reserve the right to refuse unreasonable requests. We also trust that all searches are requested by individuals who understand our service and wish to purchase a title through ourselves.

If substantial research is required, we may require a deposit, to be redeemed against your purchase.



7.1  The intellectual property rights to any written contract, conveyance, report, research, Manorial Counsel Limited methodology and any other documentation associated with the sale and transfer of the rights, whether or not provided to the purchaser by Manorial Counsel Limited, in performing its services, shall belong to Manorial Counsel Limited.



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9.0  Returns policy  A client may ask for a full refund until they signed and returned the conveyance deed.  Once a conveyance deed is executed the title will be transferred to the client and the purchase/sale will be irrevocable.