What is History

What is history, our view?

What is History

History is the overall picture of what has happened in the past based on what people have recorded at different points in the past.

We spend enormous amounts of time reading different reference documents and books that exist in order to determine that a particular lordship has become dormant and does not have a known owner.  During this research we discover far too often that different historians/writers will recount a different version of the same thing.  Whilst this is easily missed when looking at general history with such minor events at the history of a lordship it is very noticeable.

So why highlight this to you as a reader of our blogs.  Well many lordship title enthusiast are keen to believe that a history of a particular lordship must mean that the chain of people must be the rightful owners.  If that were true who do you say owns a lordship when far too often two trails of owners exist?  This is why ENGLISH LAW states and was confirmed in 2010 that ownership can only be proved by a set of complete, correctly executed and consecutive deeds, required from when the lordship was first granted or Time Immemorial (3rd September 1189).

Of course missing or perceived incorrect deeds are another issue.  Whilst having a consecutive set of deeds is essential it still has its difficulties in that a deed not known about may arise that completely destroys the thought to be chain of ownership.

With the risk of challenge so high nobody would want to acquire a title in this way, when they can acquire a Lordship or Barony Title which is a New Legal Right based on the original Lordship or Barony safe from challenge.