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London Gazette

Manorial Counsel noticed an interesting article in the Antiques Trade Gazette that we thought we would share.

The London Gazette is an agent of HM Government employed to publish legal notices to the world.  Its contents are strictly regulated and notices may only be placed by a registered member of the English legal community.

The London Gazette first started life on 7th November 1665 but was not called the London Gazette as Charles II had moved his court to Oxford to avoid the plague.  The Oxford Gazette as it was called, was the World’s first recognised newspaper.

The reason for the article was that a copy of the first publication has come up for auction.  It is estimated at £12-£15,000 however a previous copy has sold for $37,000 in the US before.  The readership back in 1665 was extremely low as the ability to read was still the privilege of the very few.

It is comforting to know that each of our titles we sell are noted in this same journal nearly 350 years old.  We do not know the circulation today however we suspect that with nearly every legal firm acquiring a copy the circulation has increased many fold.