Middlesex; Greater London?

Manorial Counsel have been busy locating as many Middlesex titles that we can find in historic records.  As it turns out Greater London was historically part of Middlesex.  Whilst undertaking a similar exercise for another historic county every now and then a well know place will be found.  This was not the case with Middlesex.  The office had an excited buzz about it as famous place after famous place kept coming out.  We forget how big London is now and whilst the centre of London was developed to some degree the whole Greater London area was still mainly farm land and Manors/Lordships.

These are some of the famous places that formed out of what was a Manorial estate, or now commonly known as a farm!!!

Lordship of Chelsea, Chelsea Parish

Lordship of Fulham, Fulham Parish

Lordship of Earl’s Court, Kensington Parish

Lordship of Tottenham, Tottenham Parish

Lordship of Hampstead, Kensington Parish

Lordship of Wembley, Harrow Parish

Not only did we find these famous London locations but also found the usual unexpected names for Manors.  Whilst these make an unusual title anywhere else in England, there is something special about a title that is based in London.

Lordship of Boston, Ealing Parish

Lordship of Bruces, Tottenham Parish

Lordship of Chambers, Willesden Parish

Lordship of Coffers, Kingsbury Parish

Lordship of Holy Trinity, Edmonton

Lordship of Savoy, Savoy Parish