Myth busting time

Lordship Titles; Myth busting time…

Lordship titles

The internet is littered with sales pitches, promises and added extras regarding what is available or comes with Lordship Titles.  It can be a smorgasbord of information.  So let Manorial Counsel remind you of the most important facts.

An English Lordship Title:

1. Ownership CANNOT be proven by a signed statutory declaration by the last known purported owner. Ownership can only be proven by a complete, correctly executed and consecutive set of deeds from time of grant or Time Immemorial, 3rd September 1189 (exceptionally rare)

2. Is not a pile of paper, however old the papers are

3. Does not entitle you to sit in the House of Lords

4. Does not give you UK citizenship

5. Can be owned by anyone, irrespective of your nationality

6. Does not come with a manor house

7. Does not come with manorial rights

8. Does not come with land

9. Cannot be acquired in a very short period of time, by its very nature it is a a serious transaction and requires legal documentation, therefore one would have to question any person/s or company who say you can purchase a Lordship title quick and easy.

Approach with caution any business or person/s stating otherwise.

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