Lordship Title of Little Radbourn


County: Warwickshire
History from: 1533
History to: 1775
Documented history: Yes
Domesday Book: No

Interesting Facts:

Become the 13th Lords and Lady of Little Radbourn

2nd Lord – Clement Throckmorton, cousin of Catherine Parr (last wife of King Henry VIII).  He is also a Knight of the Shire and Member of Parliament for Warwickshire.

3rd Lord – Clement sells Little Radbourn to Sir William Catesby.  The Catesby family were implicated in the Gun Powder Plot of 1605.

4th Lord – Ranulph Crewe who practised law at Lincoln’s Inn.  Ranulph is elected a Member of Parliament for Saltash and is a surprise choice by King James as Speaker of the House of Commons.  Ranulph is knighted and appointed a King’s Serjeant.  In 1625 he is appointed Lord Chief Justice.  Sir Ranulph refuses to support the “Forced Loan” and King Charles strips him of his offices.  With the Civil War Sir Ranulph allows parliamentary forces to be garrisoned at Crewe Hall.

6th Lord – Sir John Dryden, 2nd Baronet is re-elected a Knight of the Shire and Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire.

7th Lord – Sir Robert Dryden is appointed High Sheriff of Northamptonshire.

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