Lordship Title of Wathcote or Waitwith


County: Yorkshire
Parish: Catterick
History from: 1553
History to: 1558

Documented History: No

Domesday Book: No
Interesting Facts:

1st Lord – Sir Henry Sidney in 1553.

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Senior London barrister researched manorial law and other legal authorities to identify how they could be used to create new legal rights for exclusive use of historic English Lordship/Barony Titles.

Six UK registered solicitors have reviewed the barristers work and confirmed its validity.

Two UK registered solicitors provide “Statements of Truth” stating they have seen evidence to show the creation of the legal right to each historic Lordship/Barony Title, before it is advertised for sale.

For over a decade we have been publishing online the legal rights we have created over historic Lordship/Barony Titles. Clients can feel confident that they will not be challenged, as we have already given the opportunity to any potential claimants.

Third UK registered solicitor writes a letter confirming the legal right to the historic Lordship/Barony Title has been transferred to the client.

UK registered solicitor places a public notice in The Gazette (formerly known as The London Gazette) announcing to the world that the client now owns a legal right to the historic Lordship/Barony Title.