Lordship Title of Barrow Lane

Lordship Title of Barrow Lane

County: Somerset

Parish: Musgrove

History from: 1298 - the reign of Edward I

History to: 1786 - the reign of George III

Of interest…

(1) After the Dissolution of the Monasteries, King Henry VIII grants Barrow Lane to William Stourton, 7th Baron Stourton, making him the 3rd Lord of barrow Lane. (2) The 4th Lord of Barrow Lane, Charles, Baron Stourton is asked to assist Mary Tudor with the succession crisis so that she could become Queen Mary I. (3) Charles had a violent temper and is tried for murder with four of his servants for killing two of his neighbours by cutting their throats. Charles refused to plea but was reminded that he would be tortured by having heavy stones placed on his body. He eventually pleaded and was found guilty and executed.
Price: £2,995 to become the 16th Lord and Lady of Barrow Lane