Lordship Title of Charlton

Lordship Title of Charlton

County: Berkshire

Parish: Wantage

History from: 956

History to: 1743

Of interest…

(1) An early title with history dating back to a grant by King Edwy to one of his ministers Wulfric. (2) The lordship is granted again by King Ethelred in 982. (3) Just before the Norman Conquest the lordship comes into the churches' hands held by the Bishop of Lichfield. (4) In 1180 Charlton is held by William de Earley a chamberlain to Henry II. (5) He dies leaving his 8 year old son John as his heir. He is put under the wardship of William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, who knights him. In the 12th century it was common place for Earls to bestow knighthoods. (6) Moving forward to the 15th century the lord is Sir Thomas de Carew who was also a feudal baron and was constable of a Welsh castle.
Price: £4,550 to become the 23rd Lord and Lady of Charlton