Lordship Title of Cheslade or Perry

Lordship Title of Cheslade or Perry

County: Somerset

Parish: Wembdon

History from: Pre-Conquest

History to: 1487

Of interest…

Ordgar held Perry prior to the Norman Conquest. After the Conquest Robert held it from his lord John the Usher, who held it from William the Conqueror by serjeanty (owing a service to the Crown). Robert's interest passed to Warner who by 1201 had been succeeded by his son Robert. The manor passed to Walter de Cheslade and it was measured at 1 1/2 virgates (approximately 45 acres). In 1307 another Walter de Cheslade sold Cheslade to Simon Michell. Cheslade passed to Walter Michell who died in 1487 holding Cheslade from Nicholas Bluet as of his manor of North Petherton. Walter is succeeded by his son William and the lordship/manor is lost.
Price: £2,250 or £185 per month to become the nest Lord and Lady of Cheslade or Perry