Lordship Title of Edwinston or Idstone

Lordship Title of Edwinston or Idstone

County: Berkshire

Parish: Ashbury

History from: Pre-Conquest

History to: 1651

Of interest…

(1) Before the Conquest Edwinston was held by Glastonbury Abbey. They continue as lords after the Conquest but grant a new lordship to Alwin in return for a service. The 5th lord George Foliot is a Keeper of Glastonbury Abbey. (2) The 11th lord, George Forster is knighted by King Henry VII. King Henry VIII appoints George as High Sheriff of Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Sir George is later made a Knight of the Bath. (3) Sir George's grandson William is elected a Knight of the Shire and Member of Parliament for Berkshire.
Price: £2,950 to become the 20th Lord and Lady of Edwinston