Lordship Title of Forton

Lordship Title of Forton

County: Lancashire

Parish: Cockerham

History from: 1066 - Pre-Norman Conquest

History to: 1666

Of interest…

(1) The pre-Domesday Lord of Forton was Tosti, Earl of Northumbria. He was the brother of King Harold but was a completely different leader. Tosti maltreated lords and barons alike and the North was near to revolution. (2) Tosti went on to raise a rebellion against King Harold and the loss of King Harold's forces fighting Tosti may well have been the tipping point to enable William the Conqueror his victory. (3) The second Lord of Forton, Ivo de Taillebois, provided William the Conqueror with ships men and horses for the invasion and was rewarded with estates including Forton.
Price: £3,550 to become the 19th Lord and Lady of Forton