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Other holders in Holme were Nigel de Albini, of whom Fulk of Paris held half a hide, of which one further mention is found in the thirteenth century, when Richard Cosyn held I hide in Stratton and Holme of the honor of Ralph St. Amand and Isabella de Albini. Alwyn, a king's bailiff, held 1½ hides of the king in Holme, which reappears in the thirteenth century as the hide which Ivo Quarel held of the king in serjeanty. Hugh de Beauchamp owned a virgate, which was held of him by Mortuing. This land appears to have been granted by them to the abbot of Abingdon, who in 1236 had a dispute with Geoffrey de Beauchamp concerning free tenements which he held of him in Holme and Stratton. In 1346 Richard de Milnho held one-tenth of a knight's fee of the abbot of Abingdon in Stratton. This fee, which had formerly been held by Roger de Milnho, probably represents the ancient Beauchamp holding, of which no further trace has been found.
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