Lordship Title of Arlesey ID13280

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Dealing with the land of the burgesses of Bedford the survey states that Ulsi, a prebendary of the king, held two-thirds of a virgate of land in Arlesey. This holding is probably to be found again in the half-hide of land which, as stated in the Testa de Nevill, Warin de Claidich held from the king at a yearly rental of 4s. (fn. 49) In 1302 John de Claidich was holding the same land of the king, and an inquisition taken in 1356 states that one John de Claidich, who died three years previously, had held a messuage and land in chief at a rental of 4s. He left a son John Claidich, but no further trace has been found of this fee.
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Manorial Counsel Limited has created a new legal right to bring the titles of this lordship back into use.
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