Lordship Title of Basildon (Beche) ID1365

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No record of the moieties of Basildon and Ashampstead retained by Henry of Newburgh appears until 1278–9, when they are described as manors held by Gilbert le Fraunceis After Gilbert's death William de Garlaund, king's yeoman, had in 1280 a grant of the custody of his lands during the minority of the heirs. Gilbert's successor was probably Ralph de Knyveton, who held Basildon in 1316, but on 10 May of the same year free warren in Basildon and Ashampstead was granted to John de la Beche, whose lands are afterwards described as of the inheritance of Ralph de Knyveton. It may be assumed that this was the northern portion of the two townships, adjacent to Beche Castle in Aldworth. Descending in the family of de la Beche, it passed with their manor of Bradfield (q.v.) to the Langfords and Staffords. In 1650 Edward Stafford conveyed it to Jerome Rawstorn. It was conveyed in 1714 by Thomas Earl of Strafford to William Rawstorn, but had passed before 1720 to William Allen, who then devised it to his sons and their issue in tail. William Allen was still in possession in 1731, and Richard Allen sold it about 1750 to Lord Fane, in whom the moieties of the original manor, severed in the 12th century, were again united.
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