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A small holding under Prince's Manor was called BAYLLOLS in the 15th century. It is possibly identical with the half knight's fee held of Thomas de St. Valery by Cecily de Arewell. The Balliol family held land in Harwell about 1217, when Joceline Balliol gave a messuage and croft there to Oseney Abbey. He was probably of the family of Hugh 'de Bailleul,' who accompanied Thomas de St. Valery against the Count of Eu in 1201. About 1260 a Robert Balliol manumitted one of his tenants in Harwell. Walter Balliol, evidently the son of Robert, held a tenement in Harwell of the honour of St. Valery by knights' service in 1300. His widow Emma had dower in it in 1318, and his heir was evidently Thomas Balliol, who transferred all his rights to William 'le Bayllol of Harwell,' probably that William who had been pardoned for the death of John le Skyrmer on consideration of his serving in the Scottish war, and possibly the son of Thomas himself. A Nicholas Balliol was connected with Harwell in 1332. The 'tenement called Bayllols' with other lands in Harwell was subsequently held by Alice wife of John Stokes. Settlement of the 'manor of Harwell' had been made on John and Alice and the heirs of Alice in 1437. She survived her husband and died on 10 February 1478–9. Her heir was Robert Holcote of Barcote in Buckland, son of Richard son of Alice sister of John father of Alice Stokes. The subsequent history of this holding is uncertain. The existence of many deeds relating to the lands of the Balliol family in Harwell among the muniments of Magdalen College, Oxford, points to its identity with 'Middle Farm,' which has been the property of the college at least since 1485, when the 'farmer' of Harwell was frequently a guest of the college. In this case it was possibly purchased by Bishop Waynflete and bestowed on the college at its foundation.
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Manorial Counsel Limited has created a new legal right to bring the titles of this lordship back into use.
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