Lordship Title of Brogborough or Brobury ID1037

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The first mention of this manor as distinct from the 10-hide manor of Domesday is in 1311. Previous to this Brogborough is described as a hamlet, though it included a capital messuage, pleas and perquisites of court and rents of assize; but now it is definitely stated that John de Grey held the manor, which follows the same descent as Wrest (q.v.) until the 15th century. In 1388 it was proved to be worth £24. In 1524 the manor became Crown property, and some years later was annexed to the honour of Ampthill, and remained in the possession of the Crown for some time. In 1530 William Brown was appointed bailiff. In 1564 part of the park was leased to Peter Gray for a certain term of years. In 1628 the manor was finally alienated from the Crown, and was granted to Edward Ditchfield and others, trustees for the Corporation of London. They sold Brogborough Manor previous to 1676, in which year it belonged to John Stone, who suffered a recovery of the manor in 1703. It was about this time that the Stones sold their property to Ralph Radcliffe, who suffered a recovery of the manor in 1728. The family of Radcliffe were still holding in 1801, and in 1825 Henry Delmé Radcliffe was in possession. In 1828 this property was sold to the Duke of Bedford.
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