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The manor was held of the priory for the annual rent of 40s. with a later addition of 8d. The first under-tenant whose name is preserved was Roger Whitchurch, who paid half a mark on Sheffield in 1166–7. His son Alan Whitchurch made various alienations of land and other property in 1197 and the succeeding years. Alan was succeeded by a second Roger in the 13th century. A little later it passed to Sir William Huntercombe, who in 1270 gave the manor of Sheffield with its lands, rents, and services to the abbey of Reading, to hold by a rent of the abbey of Noion. The abbey held the manor till the Dissolution, when rents there were still assigned to the cellarer. Sheffield was granted to Sir John Williams with Burghfield Manor (q.v.) to be held by knight's service, and it followed the same history until the death of the first Lord Norreys in 1601. He left it apparently to his third son Sir Edward Norreys, who held it till his death in 1603, when it reverted to his nephew and heir Francis, who was also the heir of Lord Norreys. It was sold in 1608 to John Talbot, who died seised of the manor in 1610–11, and it passed to his son George, who succeeded to the earldom of Shrewsbury on the death of the eighth earl in 1617–18. The estate was bought from the Earl of Shrewsbury by the Thoyts family after 1852, and was sold by Col. N. B. Thoyts to Sir William G. Watson in 1910.
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