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The manor of CLAPCOT, which before the Conquest had consisted of two estates, held by Olnod and Safford, was held in 1086 by Miles Crispin. It descended like the castle and honour of Wallingford (q.v.) to Edmund Earl of Cornwall, during whose tenure part of the estate was alienated, different portions of it being granted out to separate owners, who held under the earl's overlordship. Thus, at his death in 1300, the hamlet of Clapcot is returned among his possessions, and fees in Clapcot, belonging to Wallingford Honour, were held under him by William de Bereford and Philip de Hoyvil, Ralph Cheynduit being apparently the mesne lord of the former. These fees formed the origin of the manors later known as Rush Court or Rush and Clapcot, and it may be that the estate belonging to Ulnod, which had a mill in 1086, is to be identified with Bereford's later holding of Rush.
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