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This holding became the quarter knight's fee which John de Lacy held in 1302–3; it is not known how he acquired the manor, but it then became known as the MANOR OF LACIES or CLIFTON, and in 1316 was in the possession of Henry de Lacy. By some means it passed into the family of Braybroke, for in 1346 Sir Gerard Braybroke was lord of the manor and died seised of it in 1359, when it passed to his son Gerard; the latter alienated it to Edward Bromflete, who was holding it in 1428. The manor then probably descended in the same way as the manor of Clifton from Sir William Babyngton to Sir John Fisher, and then into the family of the St. Johns, and was most likely alienated to Walter Rolt in 1602 with the manor of Clifton, for in 1615 the latter was granted a court lect and view of frankpledge in the manor of Lacies, (fn. 34) and was holding the two manors in 1618. The two manors continued to be held together and followed the same descent, the manor at the present day being known as the manor of Lacies alias Clifton.
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