Lordship Title of Diapers or Depers or Binfield ID1443

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The manor of DEPERS (Deapers, Diapers) was surrendered to the king in 1544 by John Leigh of Stockwell and Elizabeth his wife. It remained with the Crown until the reign of James I, who bestowed the property in 1616 upon Charles, then Prince of Wales. In 1628 Charles granted it in fee to Edward Ditchfield and other citizens of London in trust for the Corporation. In 1690 John Royse and Mary his wife and Lydia R[oyse], widow, conveyed the manor to Thomas Wright, sen., Thomas Wright, jun., and John Bateman. Later Depers became the property of a Mr. Webb, and in 1800 was held by Henry William Toovey Hawley. Five years later it was sold by Zachariah Boult to Charles Browing. In 1840 the estate was in the possession of Stephen Henry Shepheard and later came into the hands of the Rev.— Lambert, who sold it to the Rev. J. S. Wiggett. It is part of the Binfield Place estate, now called Allanbay, and is the property of Mrs. Wiggett.
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