Lordship Title of Eastcotts ID13302

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A sixth manor in this parish, that of EASTCOTTS, belonged to Sopwell Priory, near St. Albans, in Hertfordshire, and originated in a grant of 2 hides of land made to that foundation in the time of Henry I by Henry de Albini and his wife Cicely. This grant was confirmed by Henry's son Robert when his sister Amicia became a novice at the priory. Another virgate was granted by Robert when his second sister Cecily followed the example of Amicia. Sopwell Priory retained the manor until the Dissolution, when it was worth £4 6s. 8d. Half of this manor was granted in 1544 to Sir Richard Lee, but after this subdivision no further trace of it has been found.
Other Information:
Manorial Counsel Limited has created a new legal right to bring the titles of this lordship back into use.
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