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The Knights Hospitallers owned an estate known as EATON MANOR, as well as the advowson of Eaton Socon. Though not mentioned in the confirmatory charter of Richard de Clare to their preceptory at Melchbourne, it is possible that the Hospitallers may have acquired their rights from the Clares, who had an interest in this parish. The first mention that has been found of their lands is in 1218, when Amicia, daughter of William the Miller, acknowledged their right to a virgate of land in Eaton. In 1286 the prior claimed view of frankpledge from his tenants, and again in 1330, at which date his manor extended into Wyboston, Beggary, Honydon, Staploe, Devilhoe and Ford. In 1338 the manor included a dwelling-place with garden, two dove-cotes, 140 acres of land worth 12d. an acre, 10 acres of meadow, 16 acres of pasture. The pleas of court amounted to 20s., and the rents of assizes to 10 marks. Together with the church the entire value of the property was 116 marks, 5s. 7d., whilst the outgoing expenses, including the expenses of the bailiff and his family, were 30 marks, 5s. 8d. At the dissolution of the religious houses this manor became Crown property, and was granted in 1562 to Thomas Beverley and his heirs, to be held as of the manor of East Greenwich. Thomas died without issue, and Eaton Manor passed to his great-nephew, William Beverley, who died in 1605, when his daughter and heir Elizabeth was aged five years. She married Sir Henry Moore, created a baronet in 1627, and, together with her husband, alienated the manor to Richard Gery in 1629. It was retained by the Gery family till 1640, when William Gery and others conveyed it by fine to Gaius Squire, who owned the principal manor of Eaton, with which its history is henceforward identical.
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