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At the time of the Domesday Survey Bernard held Edworth manor of William d'Eu, and this family remained in possession until 1252, when Nicholas son of Odo Bernard conveyed the family possessions in Edworth to Henry de Cramavilla. In 1284 Henry de Cramavilla held half a fee of the earls of Pembroke in Edworth, but he appears to have alienated the manor before 1307, in which year Nicholas St. Maur transferred the manor to Walter de Langton, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. The bishop held the manor till his death in 1321, when it passed to his nephew, Edmund Peverel, son of his sister Alice. In 1346 the manor was held by John son of Edmund Peverel, from whom it passed to his sister Margaret, married to William de la Pole. William de la Pole was holding the manor in 1362, and from him it appears to have passed to John Grivell of Campden in Gloucester, who was holding in 1396, though no record of the transference has been found. The next mention that has been discovered of this manor is a grant, dated 1400, by William Colne, vicar of Campden, to various trustees. This may have been preparatory to its transference to John Bullok of Eton who, together with Katherine his wife, in 1416 conveyed Edworth manor to Robert Goldsmith and other trustees. Robert Bullok had succeeded John by 1428, and by 1440 the manor had passed to William Furtho of Furtho, whose wife Elizabeth was probably a daughter of Robert Bullok. Alice daughter of William Furtho married John Enderby, and received Edworth as her marriage portion. On her death he married a second wife Maude, who survived him, dying in 1474, when the manor passed to Richard Enderby, her son by her first marriage, who in 1488 was succeeded by a son John. John Enderby at his death in 1509 left a daughter Eleanor as heir, who married Francis Pygott, and whose son Thomas Pygott held the manor till his death in 1581. Thomas Pygott left three sons (Lewis, John, and Michael), who between 1586 and 1588 sold their interests in the manor to John Spurling, and in 1614 Anne his widow sold Edworth manor for £3,000 to John and Richard Hale, of King's Walden. Richard Hale was succeeded in 1621 by a son William, who died in 1635, having previously settled this manor on his second son Rowland. William son of Rowland Hale followed his father who died in 1669, and his grandson Pain Hale was holding Edworth manor in 1742. He died without issue, and his property passed to his cousin William Hale, who in 1770 held the manor. He died in 1793, and was succeeded by his son William, whose grandson, William Edmund Brand Hale, who died in 1896, also held this property, which in recent years has passed to Mr. John Inns, who at present holds it.
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