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A second EYWORTH MANOR is an offshoot of the larger manor, and orginated in a charter of Maud daughter of William de Bussy granting to the priory of St. Helen, London, all her lands and rents in Eyworth, save only the marriage portion of her daughter Joan, wife of Thomas Gravenel. The priory continued to add to its possessions, obtaining further grants of land by purchase from John de Gravenel between 1254. and 1259. This manor was held of the crown by knight service, and it continued in the possession of the priory until the Dissolution, when it reverted to the crown. Elizabeth granted it in 1565 to Robert, earl of Leicester, to hold of the manor of East Greenwich. He sold it almost immediately to Sir Robert Catlin, at whose death in 1577 it passed to Mary his daughter, wife of John Spencer. Her husband alienated the manor by fine to Richard Mays in 1575, between which date and 1595 it passed to John Spurlyng and his wife Anne, who in the latter year conveyed it to the trustees of Sir Edmund Anderson, at that time lord of the larger Eyworth manor (q.v.), with which it became thus once more amalgamated.
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