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Three mentions of estates in Farndish occur in Domesday, two under Bedfordshire and one under Northamptonshire. The hide held by Henry son of Azor eventually became a small manor, and will be found treated of below, whilst no further mention has been found of the 3 virgates held by William Peverel, which should have passed to the honour of Peverel of Nottingham. The origin of the principal FARNDISH MANOR is to be sought in the 2 hides held here in 1086 by a certain William who has not been further identified. Farndish Manor was attached to the barony of Warden (q.v.), the first mention of the overlordship occurring in the Testa. The mesne lords at first owed service to the Toni family as of this barony, but from 1345 are declared to hold of the heirs of John Bowels of Warden. (fn. 10) The last mention of the overlordship occurs in an inquisition taken in 1532, when Farndish Manor was held of John Warden as heir of John Bowels.
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