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Gilbert son of Salomon owned 11 hides in Felmersham at the Survey of 1086, of which 7½ hides, forming one manor, were held of the king in chief and 3½ hides of the Countess Judith. Gilbert son of Salomon was followed by the Meppershalls, and the lands of the Countess Judith became known as the honour of Huntingdon. In 1205, and again in 1278–9, the dual overlordship which resulted is distinctly defined, when the tenant of each moiety into which the property had become divided is described as holding 13 virgates by serjeanty of the Meppershalls and 7 virgates of them as of the honour of Huntingdon. After 1286 no further reference has been found to the serjeanty due to the Meppershalls. In 1331 Robert de Meppershall held in Felmersham of the honour of Huntingdon by half a knight's fee and suit at the court of Barton. In 1346 and again in 1428 a quarter of a fee was owing to the Meppershalls in this parish, but at the latter date, on account of subdivision, nothing was declared to be owing to the king. No further reference to the overlordship has been traced.
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