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The family of Flamville was resident in Renhold as early as the time of Richard I, when Hamo Flamville was a benefactor of Newnham Priory. Their property was subsequently known as FLAMWELLES or FLAVELLS MANOR, and at the time of the Testa was held by John as 3 virgates of the honour of Bedford. John was succeeded by his son Henry, who held in 1302–3 one-tenth of a knight's fee here, of which the Prior of Newnham held one-third part. In 1326 John son of Baldwin the Miller granted Robert de Flamville two mills in Renhold, and the latter still held the property in 1341. It then passed to James Flamville, upon whose conviction of felony it was granted by the king to Stephen Romylo, the king's esquire, for life. James was pardoned in 1395, and it seems probable that the remainder of the family property was granted to Newnham, who thus held by the end of the 14th century the whole of the original estate. The convent held £7 6s. 8d. in temporalities in 'Flavels' in 1534. After the Dissolution it was granted to Sir John Gostwick, and follows the same descent as the principal manor of Renhold (q.v.).
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