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The manor of FLITTON, held in the reign of King Edward by Alwin Horim, was granted by William the Conqueror to Robert Fafiton, and was the only manor which the latter owned in Bedfordshire; it was then assessed at 5 hides. Nothing further is heard of Robert Fafiton, and the overlordship passed in some way, of which no record has been found, to the Mortimers, earls of March, of whom the manor was held as of their honour of Wigmore, from 1284 until 1424, when the last male representative of the Mortimers, Edmund earl of March, died without issue. There is no further record of the overlordship until 1615, when the manor was held of Richard Chetwode as of his barony of Wahull, and after 1623 it is not mentioned. Holding directly under the Mortimers was the family of Zouche of Ashby (co. Leic.); Roger, who was holding as early as 1232, died in 1285, and was succeeded by his son Alan; on the latter's death, 1314, without a male heir, an arrangement was arrived at between the two daughters, Ellen, wife of Nicholas de St. Maur, and Maud, wife of Robert de Holand, by which the latter retained her father's estate in Flitton, and the heirs of Alan la Zouche continued to hold under the Mortimers until 1424.
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