Lordship Title of Goyes or Bury or Chamberlain Bury or Dunton ID1116

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An estate which the family of Goyes held in the early thirteenth century became known two centuries later as DUNTON GOYES manor, though it does not appear ever to have attained the status of a manor. The family of Goyes was certainly holding land in Dunton from the early part of the thirteenth century onwards. In 1227 Andrew le Goyes alienated land in Dunton to John le Goyes, and in the charters of the Chamberlains to Holwell Priory the names of members of this family recur as witnesses. In 1385 Thomas de Senhous, as heir of Thomas le Goyes, granted to John de Fourneys his lands in Dunton. This estate next appears in 1474, when, together with the manor of Dunton Chamberlain, it was the property of Sir John Manyngham, and until they were alienated to John Burgoyne in 1587 the descent of these two properties is the same. John Burgoyne held Dunton Goyes for a few years only, and in 1598 alienated it, together with the advowson of Dunton church, to Robert Spencer. He was created baron Wormleighton in 1603, and died in 1627, when his son William succeeded to the manor. ( In 1662 Robert Spencer, grandson of William and second earl of Sunderland, held Dunton Goyes. His son Charles, who died in 1722, left the property to a younger son John, who was created Earl Spencer in 1765, and it remained in the direct line in this family until 1812. It appears later as the property of Earl Brownlow, who held it in 1869, and since 1877 has belonged to the Rev. John Richardson.
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