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The manor of HALL or SANDHURST appears to have been the holding of a family of Atte Halle. There was a contributor of this name to a subsidy levied on the parish in the reign of Edward I, and a John Atte Halle was assessed for the same purpose in 1332. In 1354 John Atte Halle gave a bond on his lands in Sandhurst, and this estate, called the manor of Halle, was sold by Thomas Atte Halle, brother and heir of William Atte Halle, in 1397, to Hugh de Byseley of co. Gloucester, who conveyed it under the name of the manor of Sandhurst to William Molyns of Lechlade (Gloucs.). William Molyns and others in 1425 conveyed the estate to Matilda Merfeld, Joan the widow of Richard Okele, and John Westmere (apparently three co-heirs); a water-mill, mill-pond (perhaps that beside the mill farm on the Blackwater River), and a meadow adjacent called Hullemede were excepted. In 1428 this manor was divided into moieties, Matthew Masschebrook and Joan his wife (probably the widow of Okele) convey ing one moiety to John Feriby, Robert Wodcock, Thomas Grene and Richard Paulyn, clerk, the heirs of Joan quitclaiming to Richard Paulyn. John Westmere's son John in 1432 conveyed his moiety also to John Feriby. John Feriby in 1442 conveyed to Richard Combe, Richard Russell and John Kingesdowne the manor of Sandhurst and all lands once belonging to Nicholas Atte Halle, and the water-mill and Hullemede (once Hugh Byseley's). This manor, of which no further trace has been found, may be the manor held by Chertsey Abbey in 1498 (see above). In 1510 a manor of Buckhurst in Sandhurst was among the lands assigned to Sir William Sandys and Margaret his wife, niece and heir of Sir Reynold Bray. William Lord Sandys, the grandson, sold part of this property, described as two messuages in Buckhurst and Sandhurst, to Walter Sandys in 1577 and another part to Roger Croppe in 1588. In 1613 Buckhurst and the adjoining house called Cressells (once belonging to Chertsey Abbey, but later to Lord Sandys) were held by Richard Powell. Cressells with Sandhurst Farm was acquired in the 18th century by the family of Simonds, with whom Sandhurst Farm has since remained, the present owner being Mr. Barrow Simonds of Winchester. William Blackall Simonds claimed manorial rights in 1809, but produced no evidence. A 'Manor of Sandhurst,' with the manor farm and mill, was bought by the Crown in 1801–2 from the Hon. William Pitt, and on this site was built the present Government House. The mill pool was converted into the lower lake.
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