Lordship Title of Henlow Grey or Henlow Holt ID1129

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Walter the Fleming held three-and-a-half hides in Henlow at the time of the Domesday Survey, and this manor, known later as HENLOW GREY, became part of the barony of Wahull or Odell. The Domesday under-tenant of the manor was Hugh, but in the thirteenth century it was acquired by the family of Grey. The first evidence of their holding has been found in the Testa de Nevill, where John de Grey is stated to hold 3 hides in Henlow of the honour of Wahull. Eleanor wife of Reginal de Grey of Ruthyn died seised of this manor in 1396. Nearly forty years later Reginald Lord Grey, her son, held in Henlow. In 1486 Edmund Grey was created earl of Kent, and this manor appears to have remained in the family, for in 1546 Henry Grey, de jure earl of Kent, was in possession and since that date it has followed the same descent as the manor of Wrest in Flitton-cum-Silsoe (q.v.). Lord Lucas and Dingwall is at present lord of the manor.
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