Lordship Title of Husborne Crawley (Grey) ID1150

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Nothing is known of the heirs of Turgis, who held the manor of Nigel de Albini in 1086, but 4 hides of this Domesday manor subsequently passed to the Northwood family, which was settled in Husborne Crawley in the middle of the 13th century. In 1276 and 1284 John de Northwood held 3 hides of land of the Cainhoe fee and 1 hide of the Hospitallers. In 1302 this estate was still in the same hands, and in 1316 John de Northwood is returned with the Prior of Dunstable as holding half the vill. Before 1346, however, it was held by Roger de Grey, kt., and Henry de Northwood. Reginaldde Grey, son of Roger, acquired the remainder by a release in 1360, after which date the Northwood interest in Husborne Crawley ceases, and the Greys only continue. Reginald succeeded his father Roger de Grey before 1368, and this property in Husborne Crawley descended with Wrest Manor (q.v.) until the beginning of the 16th century. On the death of Richard Earl of Kent without issue in 1524 this estate passed to his half-brother Henry, who conveyed it in the following year to Sir Richard Wingfield, Sir Henry Wyatt and Richard Weston. They were possibly acting on behalf of the king, who held this property in 1527, and who in 1542 annexed it to the newly-formed honour of Ampthill. In 1570 the lands formerly held by the Greys Earls of Kent in Husborne Crawley were leased to Robert Rookham, and nine years later were granted to John Thompson. From this date the Grey estate shares the history of his Husborne Crawley manor (q.v.).
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