Lordship Title of Keysoe Grange or Keysoe ID1163

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The manor of KEYSOE GRANGE had its origin probably in the land given by Simon de Beauchamp in the reign of King John to the Priory of Chicksands, founded by his mother. This land was confirmed to the priory by Simon's son William de Beauchamp. In 1330–1 the prior claimed view of frankpledge in his 'manor of Keysoe.' The priory continued to hold the manor till the dissolution of the monasteries. In 1540 this manor was granted by the king to Sir John St. John of Bletsoe, and the descent is henceforward the same as that of the manor of Keysoe Berrysted (q.v.). A view of frankpledge and a court leet were attached to this manor in 1559.
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