Lordship Title of Little Caddington or Caddington Minor ID1179

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To the prebend of Caddington Minor the manor of LITTLE CADDINGTON is attached. The stall was held in 1103 by Theobald or Tethbald. (fn. 30) The manor was purchased in 1649 by John Streeter, and is mentioned by Newcourt as the manor or farm of Provenden. He states that in a terrier then lately made it was found that there were on the estate thirteen tenants owing quit-rents, but that they refused payment on the ground that the lands for which the rents were due were unidentified. This manor and that of Great Caddington were taken over by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1872. The manor-house belonging to Caddington Minor formerly stood on the village green, and was known as Aston Bury. It was pulled down about forty years ago, and its site is now occupied by two cottages which stand opposite the vicarage gates.
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