Lordship Title of Millo (Waltham Abbey) or Millow ID1198

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The manor of MILLO formed part of the original endowment of Waltham Abbey, founded by Harold son of Earl Godwin, and is mentioned in the confirmation charter of Edward the Confessor. It was seized by William the Conqueror together with other lands of the abbey, and granted by him to the bishop of Durham, who held this manor at the time of the Domesday Survey. It is not clear whether it had come into the Conqueror's hands by exchange or violence, but it was subsequently recovered by Waltham Abbey, and is mentioned as part of the endowment in the charter of confirmation of Henry II. The abbot claimed view of frankpledge and free warren in Millo manor in 1311, and it continued in his possession down to the Reformation. In 1541 the king sold the manor for £305 10s. to John Burgoyne, who on his death in the following year left it to his son Thomas, who died in 1550 leaving a son John to inherit. He alienated Millo in 1599 to Robert Spencer, together with the manor of Dunton Goyes (q.v.), and the history of the two manors henceforth coincides.
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