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Another manor in Stanbridge which appears at the beginning of the 16th century was held of the chief manor of Stanbridge and was called the manor of MORTEYNES or REYNES after the family names of the lords of the manor, who were also lords of Marston Moretaine (q.v.). Thomas Reynes died seised of a messuage and land here in 1471, and this estate was eventually carried by a female heir of the Reynes to the family of Decons, one of whom was lord of the manor in 1511. In 1544 Thomas Decons alienated it to Richard Bury and William Duncombe, from whom it was acquired in 1562 by William Draper alias Rawlyns. He died seised of it in 1585, leaving a son and heir Gabriel, who was in possession in 1604; but it afterwards passed to the Wiggs, by whom it was conveyed to Alice Brandreth in 1700. The Brandreth family continued to hold the manor during the 18th century, and on the death of Henry Brandreth about 1760 it passed by will to his sister Anne the wife of William Duncombe, at whose death about 1778 it was inherited by their son Brandreth. The latter in 1786 sold it to John Franklin lord of Morrells Manor, by whom it was held at the beginning of the 19th century.
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