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Notley Priory, Buckinghamshire, which was founded by Walter Giffard, earl of Buckingham, about 1162, appears to have acquired land in Sundon, for at the Dissolution their rents there were estimated at 40s. This property known as NOTLEY GRANGE was granted in 1547 to Henry Lee, and by 1639 had passed to William, who in that year died seised of a capital messuage or farm called Notley Grange, in Sundon, held of Sir Thomas Cheyne (at that time lord of Sundon manor) by fealty, suit of court, and a yearly rent, and in 1655 John Ordway conveyed it by fine to John King. Further reference has been found to this grange in an abstract of deeds in the possession of Mr. F. A Page-Turner. The farmhouse or manor, as it is there called, then comprised one close of meadow of two acres, and two plots of land of 140 acres in all. In 1688 John King enfeoffed his grandson Abraham Saunders of this property, and the same year Abraham, on the occasion of his marriage with Jane Pigott, granted her an annuity from the revenues of Notley Grange. Abraham Saunders sold the grange in 1700 to Obadiah Lord, who, ten years later, again sold it for £600 to George Urlin. In 1719 it was purchased from George Urlin by Thomas Pierson for £800. In his will dated 1744 the latter left all his messuages, tenements, and hereditaments in Upper Sundon to Hugh Cook, and, he having died previously, one Richard Ashwell became entitled to the premises. No further mention has been found of the estate.
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Manorial Counsel Limited has created a new legal right to bring the titles of this lordship back into use.
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