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At the time of the Domesday Survey OLD WARDEN MANOR was held by William Spech as a manor of 9 hides. It formed part of the barony of Warden, which was created before 1166. After the death in 1153 of Walter Espec, certainly the descendant, probably the son, of William Spech, his possessions were divided between his three sisters. Old Warden passed to Hadwisa his eldest sister and wife of William de Bussy, from whom it passed to her granddaughters and co-heirs Maud wife of Hugh Wake and Cecilia wife of John de Builli or Buly. The property was thus divided into moieties, of which that which passed to the Wakes will be first discussed. In 1235 the lady of Warden was Lady Alina Wake, who married James Wake, probably Maud's son, and died seised of the manor in 1254, leaving as her heir Barnabas grandson of Walter de Stivecle, her first husband, who died childless. By 1284 William Coynte, husband of Alice sister and heir of Barnabas de Stivecle, was holding by knight service in Old Warden. He died seised of his half of the manor in 1317, leaving as his heirs his daughters Joan the wife of Walter de Shelvestrode and Margery, then only six weeks old. Walter de Shelvestrode was absent in Ireland and his wife had to obtain special licence before she could enter into possession. John de Bowels was granted the wardship of Margery le Coynte, who in 1341 united with her sister in granting the manor to Warden Abbey in mortmain. Its history after the Dissolution will be found treated below.
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