Lordship Title of Pinkneys ID1707

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In the 12th century the family of Pinkney held land in Cookham called in the 15th century the manor of PINKNEYS. Simon de Pinkney held in 1199 and Henry de Pinkney in 1318. John Pinkney acquired more land in 1411–12. Arnold son of John Pinkney died in 1430 seised of 'the manor of Pinkney's Place' held by suit at the hundred court of Beynhurst. His sister Joan wife of John Whitehead was his heir. In 1455–6 Agnes widow of John Pinkney, then wife of John Appurley, conveyed her interest in land at Cookham to Robert Beaumont. William Bulstrode died seised of the manor in 1478. His son Thomas apparently died childless and was succeeded by the heirs of his sister Philippa the wife of John Ludlow. George Ludlow, Philippa's grandson, and his wife Edith conveyed the manor in 1544 to Thomas Weldon. His son William died in 1597 and was succeeded by his son George. In 1608 Thomas Waller claimed Pinkneys as a late possession of his brother Robert, formerly belonging to George Weldon. In 1610 Richard Peryn and his wife Sarah were holding the manor. Richard Hale of King's Walden, co. Hertford, died seised of it in 1620, and it remained in his family until William Hale conveyed it in 1715 to George Draper. In 1776 Sir Fitzwilliam Barrington was the owner. Before 1806 it had become the property of John Hussey, who was still in possession in 1813.
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