Lordship Title of Rudlonds or Rudlandesfelde ID13342

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Previous Lords:
There was also a third manor in this parish, which was known as RUDLONDS or RUDLANDESFELDE, the first mention of which yet discovered occurs in 1563, when Sir William Paulet appears as the owner. In 1575 he conveyed it to Jeremy Weston, whose son Richard was created Lord Weston in 1628 and Earl of Portland in 1633. The earl at the time of his death (March 1634–5) was in possession of the manor; but in 1640 his widow and her son Jerome second Earl of Portland parted with the property to Mr. Dray Chamberlain, when all mention of it disappears.
Other Information:
Manorial Counsel Limited has created a new legal right to bring the titles of this lordship back into use.
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