Lordship Title of Salphobury Salchou or Salvho ID1252

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The only manor in Renhold that is mentioned in Domesday is that of SALPHOBURY, SALCHOU or SALVHO. In 1086 it was held by Hugh de Beauchamp as a 5-hide manor. In the 13th century these 2 hides in Salpho were held of the barony of Bedford as one-fifteenth of a knight's fee. Salphobury was held till the Dissolution by the Prior of Newnham, who acquired it from the family of Flamville, who made three grants in the time of Richard I, one of which included 20 librates of land. By a later grant all the property which they held as one-ninth part of the barony of Bedford in Renhold and other places was granted to Newnham in the 14th century. In 1291 the property was worth £7 1s., whilst the prior owned £1 12s. 3d. in fruits and flocks. A further grant by Hugh Haselden and others in 1408–9 increased the value of Salphobury, so that the monks held £10 temporalities here in 1534, including 16 acres of wood, valued at 16s. In 1540 the manor was granted to Sir John Gostwick, after which date it follows the same descent as the manor of Renhold (q.v.). The name is marked by Salph End.
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