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SANDHURST only emerges into individual mention very late. Together with Wokingham it was said to be vested in the Bishop of Salisbury in 1316. Chertsey Abbey held the manor in 1498. In 1510 William Rogys acquired the manor on a forty years' lease from the abbot, who in 1537 surrendered White Waltham and Sandhurst to the king. The property was retained by the Crown till 1562, when Elizabeth conveyed the lordship and manor to Sir John Ma-on for £248. In 1590 Anthony Weekes alias Mason, grandson of Sir John's mother by a second marriage, with Elizabeth his wife quitclaimed the manor to John Mason, gentleman, his son and heir, who sold it to Richard Geale. In 1601 it is found in the possession of Richard Geale, son of the elder Richard, and Elizabeth his wife, who with John Geale conveyed it to Robert Lee. The latter, with his wife Joyce and Clement Dawbeney, reconveyed it to Richard and John Geale in 1606. Richard Geale held the manor in 1674. A Richard Geale was appointed regarder of the forest in 1695. In 1751 Elizabeth Caroline Williamson held the manor as daughter and devisee of Adam Williamson, the previous owner. She married Daniel Fox and was living in 1786. In 1787 it was held by Adam Williamson, who sold it in 1789 to Richard Heaviside. By 1854 Robert Gibson owned the manor, but sold it very soon after to John Walter, M.P. (coproprietor of the Times), from whom it has devolved on Mr. John Walter, the present owner.
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