Lordship Title of Sharnbrook or Lorings or Pipings ID1258

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At the Survey of 1086 eight proprietors of land are named as holding in Sharnbrook. First amongst these Domesday tenants may be mentioned Albert of Lorraine, whose lands subsequently became known as LORINGS or PIPINGS MANOR. In 1086 Albert of Lorraine, who had been preceded by Algar, a man of Queen Edith, held 2 hides, a quarter of a virgate and a mill worth 16s. He owned land, including a 10-hide manor at Wootton, elsewhere in Bedfordshire, and, as has been shown by Mr. Round, was a clerk or chaplain who enjoyed the favour alike of Edward the Confessor and of William, and received from them lands and houses. With regard to the overlordship of this manor, it was held by Albert of Lorraine of the king in chief in 1086, but in 1185 is found attached to the barony of Bedford, to which overlordship the latest reference has been found in 1419.
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