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The Knights Templars owned SWANTON MANOR in Harrold in the 13th century. They claimed in 1278–9 to hold it of John de Grey of the gift of a certain 'Flandrina Maudyt' in the reign of Henry III. This refers to a grant made in 1240 by Ralph de Carun and Flandrina his wife and her heirs of one-sixth of a mill and 151 acres of land in Harrold to Robert de Sanford, Master of the Templars, which grant was ratified in 1242. In 1244 the Master made complaint that Ralph Moryn had trespassed on his common pasture, and Ralph recognized his right to common pasture for 460 sheep (of which pasture for 80 was of the gift of the said Ralph), 35 cattle and 40 pigs in Swanton. In 1253 the Knights Templars obtained a grant of free warren in their demesne lands of Swanton and Harrold. The extent of this manor was 200 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow and 3 virgates of land in demesne, four cottars holding in villeinage. About this time they also held a view of frankpledge twice yearly. Very shortly after this the Knights Templars appear to have alienated this manor. Simon Croyser and Ellen his wife held it on a life grant in 1330, but it had already passed into the possession of John de Grey, who died seised of it in 1323–4. Its extent, which is given at this date in great detail, included a capital messuage, with herbage and fruit of garden worth 4s., 260 acres of demesne land worth 4d. an acre; six free tenants, five tenants at will, nine bondmen paying various services of cocks, hens, oats, ' lovebones' and harvest works; eleven cottars rendering similar services; and a court worth 12d. yearly, the total value of the manor being £16 9s. 6½d. This property has henceforward followed the same descent as Harrold Manor (q.v.).
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