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A third manor in Sharnbrook, that of TEMPLE HILLS, was owned from the 12th century by the Knights Templars. The Bishop of Coutances held in all 4½ hides in Sharnbrook in 1086. This land, in which he had been preceded by Borred, was held of him by various tenants. Turgis an Englishman held half a hide, Humphrey held half a hide, whilst seven sokemen together held 3 hides. This land was granted by Alice de Clermont to the Knights Templars, and became known as Temple Hills Manor. In 1199 they received a charter granting them assart of 200 acres of land in Sharnbrook, and a charter of free warren was given them in 1253. In 1276 the master claimed view of frankpledge twice yearly and 2 hides of land in Sharnbrook. By virtue of the statute by which the Knights Templars' lands were transferred to the Knights Hospitallers, the prior of the latter order claimed Temple Hills Manor in 1331. At this time it was leased to Sir John de Wolaston and Margaret his wife for the term of their lives. At the Dissolution Temple Hills Manor was granted in 1543 for fifty years to Robert Tyrwhitt, who in 1544 obtained a grant in fee. In the following years Robert Tyrwhitt alienated the manor to George Boteler, and it thus became united to Lorings Manor (q.v.), with which its history is henceforward identical until its purchase by Mr. Brown of Wellingborough, who has retained Temple Hills and alienated Lorings Manor. It retains, however, its individual name down to the present day.
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