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In 1086 Ambrose held the manor of Tilsworth of William Peverel, which by the 13th century had passed to the Morteyns. John Morteyn held one fee of Eustace in the middle of the 13th century. One of the same name held one fee of William Morteyn in 1284, and was granted free warren in all his demesne lands in 1293. In 1308 John and Joan Morteyn held two parts of the manor, and settled the remainder on their son Thomas, and in default to his brother Edmund. In 1312 there is a settlement of a third, which Henry de Sewell and his wife Joan held in dower, on John Morteyn. As there is no evidence to show that Thomas Morteyn ever held the manor, it is to be concluded he died without heirs and in his father's lifetime. The manor therefore, in accordance with the settlement of 1308, passed to his brother Edmund, who in 1346 settled half the manor of Tilsworth on his younger brother John and his wife Katherine and their heirs. John died in 1362 in possession of the manor, and his son and heir John succeeded to the property, dying without issue in 1373. The manor then passed to his cousin Richard Chamberlain, son of his aunt Joan, who allowed John Morteyn's wife Elizabeth a yearly rent of £13 6s. 8d. from the manor. Sir Richard's son Richard died in 1396 seised of the manor, and left a wife Margaret, who married a second time Philip St. Clair and held the manor while her son Richard was a minor. Richard Chamberlain succeeded her in 1408 and held one fee in Tilsworth in 1428. He died in 1439. By his first wife Elizabeth he had a son Richard, who died without heirs the same year. By his second wife Margaret he had a son William, to whom two parts of the manor passed after the death of Richard without issue, Margaret retaining one-third as her dower. She died in 1458, leaving William as son and heir. Richard Chamberlain, probably his son, who was lord of the manor in 1471, died in 1496, leaving a son and heir Edward by his wife Sybil daughter of Sir Richard Fowler. She survived him until 1525, and three years later, in 1528, her son Edward made a settlement of the manor on trustees probably prior to an alienation to Sir Richard Fowler, his grandfather, who died seised of it the same year. Sir Richard Fowler left it to his son Edward, whose son Gabriel Fowler succeeded him in 1540. Gabriel died in 1582, leaving a son Richard, who in 1606 sold the manor to Anthony Chester, created baronet in 1619. Sir Anthony died in 1636, and by his will left Tilsworth to his son Henry, who married Judith Bankworth. Henry left no surviving children, consequently, on his death in 1666, the estates passed to Sir Anthony Chester, son and heir of his brother Anthony. John son of Sir Anthony Chester held the manor in 1687. His son William died the same year as his father in 1725, and as he left no children the manor went to his brother Sir John Chester, who married Frances Bagot. Their son Charles Bagot Chester died in 1755, leaving his estates to his cousin Charles Bagot on condition he took the name of Chester. In 1767 Sir George Robinson and Dorothea his wife, John Robinson, whose wife Dorothea was a daughter of Sir William Chester, and Frances Surtees granddaughter of Sir William gave up their right in Tilsworth Manor to the trustees of Charles Bagot Chester. His son Charles Chester died in 1838, having previously sold the manor to the trustees of the will of Sir Gregory Osborn Page-Turner, in whose family it has since remained, being at present owned by Mr. F. A. Page-Turner.
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