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In 1086 Robert de Todeni held 2 hides 1 virgate of land in Turvey, which had formerly belonged to Osulf, a thegn. Robert de Todeni's possessions, known as the honour of Belvoir, passed on his death in 1088 to his son William, (fn. 42) who, for some inexplicable reason, and according to Dugdale, assumed the title of Albini Brito. This is noteworthy in connexion with Turvey, because William de Albini, Pincerna (holder of the Daubeny honour), also held a small property in this parish. References to the Belvoir overlordship in Turvey are scanty, and not found later than the 14th century. In 1278–9 William Hotot paid scutage for ward of Belvoir Castle, and in 1347 Juliana Hotot held her land of this barony, but no subsequent trace of the exercise of the overlordship has been found.
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