Lordship Title of Ufton Nervet ID1652

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The first recorded under-tenant, Richard Neyrvut, who held in the 13th century, gave his name to the manor, which was later called Ufton Richard or Ufton Nervet. John Neyrvut sold the property before 1274 to the Abbot of Reading, and it remained with the abbey until the Dissolution. It was granted in 1544 to Sir John Williams of Thame, whose daughter and heir Margery, by her marriage to Henry Lord Norreys, took it into that family. It remained in the hands of their descendants until the death of Francis Norreys Earl of Berkshire in 1623, descending like the manor of Aldworth (q.v.) to the Earls of Abingdon. In 1709 it was sold by Montagu Lord Abingdon to the trustees of Francis Perkyns, and from this date it follows the descent of Ufton Robert (q.v.).
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